Electrical Division

The SOLID Electrical Division is the heart and soul of SOLID Personnel’s success. With a client base of over 100+ Electrical contractors in California alone, SOLID is without a doubt the industry leader in Electrical recruiting and staffing. Due to the large amount of business from our electrical clients, SOLID offers its employees year round full time work. Because we offer our electricians full time work we are able to attract the highest quality of electricians in the marketplace. This was not accomplished overnight.

The Electrical Division is led by an experienced team with over 20 years combined experience just in electrical staffing industry. This is what we mean by “Expertise to get things done”. Knowing you have a trusted resource to turn to when your jobs require additional personnel can give you a competitive edge when bidding your next project. We believe you’ll find SOLID to be a valuable partner in this regard as we work closely with your management team to anticipate manpower needs, develop fixed-rate pricing, and determine a plan of action for staff supplementing.

Here are some advantages electricians will get when working for SOLID Personnel:

  • We offer all of our Electricians Health, Dental, Vision and Term Life benefits.
  • Our Electricians on average make more money working directly for us then with licensed contractors.
  • From long term projects to full time direct placements, we only attract top notch blue chip talent because we don’t do “day labor staffing”.
  • All of our electricians get paid weekly, and when necessary are provided per diem and travel pay.

A key factor that sets SOLID apart from the competition is that we realize every project is different and understand the importance of being flexible to meet the demands of our clients. Our staff is knowledgeable and well-versed with local labor rates/availability and can tailor a plan that meets your project specifications. By utilizing SOLID’s services it will allow you to bid your projects with the confidence of knowing you can meet the needs of your customer.

Positions we place Electrical Division (Commercial, Industrial or Residential specific)
Certified Journeyman Electricians
Certified Mid-Level Electricians
Certified Apprentice Electricians
Electrician Helpers
General Laborers/Cleanup Workers
Electrical Project Engineers
Electrical Project Managers/Estimators
Electrical Superintendents
Electrical Foremen


We have the expertise to get things done.

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