Renewable Energy Division

The Renewable Energy market has grown significantly in terms of the size and scope of projects, technological advances and the number of specific, green industry job titles. Treaties and associated carbon emissions targets along with lower costs and greater feasibility for implementation have all played a role. With the future of our energy supplies looking ever more precarious, countries have had to develop new methods to utilize their natural resources, such as: sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal.

We specialize in the following Renewable Energy Projects:

  • Solar Panel Construction & Maintenance
  • Solar Farms
  • MFG Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Wind Farms
  • Utilities
  • Water Treatment

As the Renewable Energy market evolves to keep pace with new regulations and growing demand, the need for experienced engineers and field personnel is increasing significantly. Project delivery requires a sustainable and reliable source of candidates to fill key jobs, maintain momentum and control over your requirements from bid phases to commissioning. That’s where SOLID comes into play. We’ve got the expertise to get the job done.

Here are some advantages Renewable Energy professionals will get when working for SOLID Personnel:

  • We offer all of our personnel Health, Dental, Vision and Term Life benefits.
  • From long term projects to full time direct placements, we only attract top notch blue chip talent because we don’t do “day labor staffing”.
  • All of our personnel are paid weekly, and when necessary are provided per diem and travel pay.
Positions we place in the Renewable Energy Division:
Solar Electricians
PV Installers – All Levels
CAD Operators
Line Manufacturing
R&D Engineers
QA/QC Technicians
Project Coordinators
Project Managers
Cost Analysts
VP & Corporate Positions
Safety Managers

We have the expertise to get things done.

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